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Helpful answers

Start automating your manual processes and increase your productivity

Custom functions are any predefined or user defined functions that automate a task or a set of tasks, relying on some business logic in the tools supported by DevScore. An example of a custom function is a function that automatically merges a pull request after a user defined number of reviews. For example User A can use that function to merge her pull request after 2 reviews while User B can use the same function to merge her pull request after 3, or more reviews.

Yes, each 1000 ops (Function invocation, Data Store Read/Write) costs $20 after the first 200 free ops.

The DevScore automation platform allows users to define functions that store and retrieve data. This is useful to store state and build complex business logic that requires aggregate complex data objects such as tables. In order to store and retrieve the data in different or the same function invocations

If you define functions that require to keep state, counters or complex data objects that change over a lifecycle, you will need to write data to a “permanent” store that will allow access on subsequent function invocations or by other functions.

Webhook listeners enable the DevScore platform to listen for both default and custom events from tools like GitHub, Jira, CI/CD tools, etc. For example, when you connect GitHub to DevScore, we will automatically connect and configure GitHub Webhook listeners to capture the necessary GitHub events which at a minimum powers the analytics features, but it might also provide business logic for customers to write their own custom functions.

No. Creating Webhook listeners is available to all packages.

A good use of a Cron Job to check for status of objects that don’t emit events and/or are required to check a specific business logic. For example a schedule function can be executed to check on the build status for long running software builds from an entirely different system like Jenkins or CircleCI , if/when the build completion does not emit an event.

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